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Drainage Consultancy

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Drainage Consultancy

Services First Limited Specialist Drainage Consultants and Engineers:

Design Of All Types Of Drainage Systems
Free Technical Vetting of Drainage Designs
Process Statutory Applications To Water Authorities
Process Reapplications of Failed Schemes

Services First Limited:

We offer a comprehensive service from design / application right through to completion on the following applications

  • Building Over : Trunk Sewer, Storm Sewer, Local Sewer, Combined Sewer
  • Sewer Diversion
  • Sewer Divestment
  • Main Sewer Connection
  • Sewers For Adoption 6th Edition Section 102 104
  • New Water Connections/ Waste Water Connections
  • Sewer Requisition
  • Highway Works Section 38 / 278
  • Designated Roads Approval
  • Land Drainage Consent

Drainage Design Engineering

Our design teams are highly skilled in the following areas:

  • Drainage design solutions
  • Sewer design
  • Soakaway design
  • Sustainable drainage design
  • Road design
  • Highway design
  • Land drainage design

Services First Limited’s designs and layouts would fully detail the drainage & sewer networks on & offsite complete with gradients, pipe sizes & invert levels. Cover levels and pipe materials can also be displayed if required. A comprehensive legend would allow the recipient to distinguish between different types & sizes of manholes & inspection chambers, gullies, type of drainage run (foul, SW, combined, land drainage, etc) and other ancillary facilities such as pump stations, headwalls, flow restrictors, etc.

All designs would conform to the requirements of BS EN 752, The Building Regulations Part H, Sewers for Adoption 5th Edition and BRE 365 (soakaways). Drainage calculations and/or analysis would accompany any submission as would all relevant adoptable / private standard drainage construction details.

Special drainage protection measures would be addressed as required through yourselves or your nominated Ground investigator / Structural Engineers.


Our fees for this service are based upon success, We do not charge any fees or costs if we are not successful in providing you with a beneficial agreement i.e. adoption or statutory agreements. Initially you only pay for the surveys and applications that may need to be undertaken and submitted, our fee is paid only after the consent for works is issued. This fee would be either a lump sum agreed before works begin or based on a percentage of uplift or savings.


Send us your drainage designs and if we cannot save you money then you pay us nothing! If we do save you money we charge a lump sum figure or a percentage of the savings.