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Drainage Consultants

 Call 0207 536 2778 or 07904 882792

Whether you are a developer, contractor or householder needing a complete drainage system designed or are having problems with your application to your Local Water Authority give the the team at Services First Limited a call.

Services First Limited are London based company, supplying a wide range of drainage design and build services. To discover how Services First Limited can help you call  0207 536 2778 for a chat with one of the team about our specialist services.

Success based fees. We sometimes do not charge any fees if we are not successful in delivering savings or provide you with a beneficial agreement i.e. building over, adoption or other statutory agreement. You only pay for the surveys and applications that are undertaken and submitted. In these cases our fee is paid only after the consent is issued or the savings are confirmed.

Services First Limited are specialists in the following areas:

  • Drainage Design and Design of Sewer Systems.
  • Technical Vetting of Expensive or Problematic Drainage Designs.
  • Advice and Negotiation During Applications to Water Authorities.
  • Act as Consultant in Drainage Disputes and Investigations.
  • Troubleshooting Insurance Claims for Subsidence and Flooding.

For Assistance Call

0207 536 2778 or 07904 882792